A long way to go

They claim Outer Space is massive, yet those same astronomers have clearly never seen Louisiana.

Today I’ve been piling on the miles (over 400 of them) to get away from the Deep South and its memories and temptations, and make some progress to reach the Rocky Mountains. The majority of the distance was in Louisiana, instead of New York, but now I’m tucked up for the evening in Baton Rouge, a town near New Orleans.

Aside from a bit of shopping for fundamentals, I’ve not done anything today other than drive along while eating. I have now worked my way up ‘Louisiana’s’ boot and if there was anything worth seeing  then I missed it, yet that’s not unexpected given how much ground I have covered today. Plus it’s a terribly long way in between decent stopping points.

Swamps have actually slowly turned to pasture, and also downtrodden black individuals have gradually been replaced by downtrodden Mexicans, but never fear, it’s the same old McDonalds and Walmart.


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